Aneesa Chaudhry

Aneesa Chaudhry's aim is to help bring out the best in people by building confidence with their voice and performance in life. They can go on to make a positive difference in our crazy, yet beautifully fragile world.   

Aneesa Chaudhry, voice & performance coach and Barrister has always been passionate about giving a voice to the voiceless and helping people to feel empowered to make a positive difference in the world.

She is a confidence building voice & performance coach who helps people to find their inner voice so that they can live authentically as well as learn to speak up and out. Her mission is to teach people to perform powerfully on whatever their stage matters to them, be it in front of a board of trustees or simply amongst peers, family and friends.

She is a professional singer and loves performing on stage be it solo at weddings and funerals or at massive jazz & world music festivals.

Aneesa also runs several community choirs and is deeply passionate about helping people to build confidence with singing.

Here 121 client work includes working with people who's voices are changing for a number of reason including treatment, medication, health, life style.

As well as working with the corporate sector, Aneesa works with several charities and community organisations in particular, the LGBTQ+ community, hospices & hospitals, Asian community, domestic violence charities, Young People and with children.